Today’s business challenges run deep. Long gone are the times when the only brand in a space can launch a product and plan on the revenues using the same marketing tactics that they did last year. Business leaders may have been educated on the four P’s – Product/Place/Promotion/Price – but that formula is no longer enough in today’s ever-changing, competitive world where the average person’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. It’s tougher than ever to break through with a new product or to get your message through to the intended audience, let alone having them remember what you wanted them to know about your company, brand or product.

But there is one additional “P” that could tip the marketing equation in your favor – it’s called PURPOSE. Knowing who you are and what you do is essential, but the key to creating a relationship with your target customer is knowing the real purpose behind why do you what you do. Although many companies may look alike, sound alike or produce products that are similar, it is a company’s PURPOSE that is truly differentiating. Purpose is like a company’s DNA – nobody else can copy or recreate it.

Once you know your true PURPOSE – your reason for doing something or the intended result – you can begin to create


Our differentiated experience model, the EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM, begins with your purpose and creates intentional experiences across all of your touchpoints: Brand Experience (BX), Employee Experience (EX), Digital Experience (DX), Customer Experience (CX) and Public Experience (PX).

You’d be hard pressed to find an experience that stands on its own without either being impacted or having an impact on something else. That’s why we view brand marketing and communications through an experiential lens using the EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM.

In an ecosystem, all of the elements are interconnected and every touchpoint plays an important role in creating compelling experiences for those who purchase your products or services.

Although many of the touchpoints along a customer journey are often managed separately, they represent critical functions within the overall EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM that need to be coordinated and work seamlessly together. We believe the key elements of an EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM need to be considered during the planning process in order to achieve the best possible business outcomes. In an ideal world you’d implement relevant, compelling experiences across each touchpoint at once. But we also live in the real world so we know that sometimes time constraints, budgets, employees or product delivery cycles may not allow everything to be completed at once. We start with the total EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM in mind in order to minimize rework but our strategies can be implemented in modules that align with your objectives, timing and resources.

We believe that your company, brand, products and/or services are stronger when they are aligned with a higher calling – a unique PURPOSE. When someone or something is purpose-driven, they are clear in what they do, how they do it but also – and most importantly – why they do it. Purpose becomes a compass for decision making and elevates all experiences. The top 50 companies with a strong focus on purpose outperformed the S&P 500 by over 400%!


Did you know that Coca-Cola could burn to the ground and lose all of its tangible assets yet still go to the bank and get a loan based on the value of the brand itself? Powerful brands are an incredible asset but building a strong brand requires consideration and consistency – easier said than done. Those that are among the best – the most powerful brands – not only have an interesting logo but they clearly define each and every element of their BRAND EXPERIENCE.


Have you ever talked to one of your friends or read their glowing LinkedIn posts about work and you found yourself thinking “Wow, I’d love to work there!” Companies with a well crafted EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE have a culture that is contagious – like a smile, not a virus – and attract the best talent while also saving money on recruiting or marketing. Their employees telling stories of their work experiences become some of the most authentic marketing that a company could ever imagine.


Have you ever heard great things about a company that you excitedly visited their website so you could learn more only to be disappointed because they had a site that was built in the mid-90’s, had outdated content, or the usability was clunky? Or maybe you searched for their website and (gasp) you couldn’t find it because they don’t even have one? You may have wanted to follow them on one of your preferred social media channels but they hadn’t posted since they created the channel months or even years ago. Their DIGITAL EXPERIENCE didn’t match the other experiences that originally piqued your interest, leaving you bewildered and disappointed.


Have you ever purchased a product that cost a little more than you had wanted to pay but you bought it anyway because you thought it was made well? When you had an issue and went to contact this company (who already had your hard earned money) for service or support and they weren’t helpful at all? The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE didn’t match your expectations. Good companies provide great customer experiences throughout the purchase process and well into ownership, building a relationship by adding value.


Have you found yourself watching your favorite morning news program (are you a Today or a GMA fan?) when you heard about a company that is doing good things in the community or is hosting an event that sounds like fun? You hadn’t heard of the company before but after learning about their community involvement, you’d definitely consider them if you ever had a need for their product or service. Their PUBLIC EXPERIENCE was intriguing and captured your attention.

Business Clients

Our business clients are diverse and vary greatly in size –  from sole proprietors to large, multinationals. We have served for-profit and nonprofits, companies who have been in business for over 100 years as well as start-ups. They market highly considered products for the home, have a focus on economic growth, provide educational opportunities, serve the restaurant industry and provide services to individuals in the financial space or to companies needing components. However varied our client base may be, they share a common desire for strategic growth and improved experiences.

Personal Clients

Our personal clients are varied as well but tend to be on the verge or in the midst of change. Whether they are trying to understand what they should study in college, how they can land their first job after completing their degree, strategies to be more effective and engaged at work or how to change careers, our approach helps personal clients feel more energized, fulfilled and confident about their futures. We help individuals identify their purpose and achieve their personal goals.



Explore One Business Issue

Evaluate Ideas and Options

Exchange Our Solutions

We’re offering you 1 hour to explore one issue together, 1 hour where our team will evaluate ideas and then we’ll come back together to exchange our solutions in a final, 1 hour discussion.

This work is complementary. We think that you’ll like the experience so much that you’ll want to continue doing business with The Purpose Partners.